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SKU : JAM60S-17-325-MR-AB-MC4

JA Solar 325W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell All Black MC4

£54.00 +VAT

  • Rating: 325W
  • Efficiency: 19.3%
  • Width: 996mm
  • Height: 1,689mm
  • Price per Watt: (13.8p/Wp)

JA Solar Large Wafer PERC Multi-Busbar Half-Cell All Black Module

JAM60S17-320-340/MR MBB


All Black design for improved aesthetics.

Multi Busbar Half Cut Mono Cell technology with high efficiency passivated backside – PERC – (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) for increased efficiency and yield. Half Cell configuration offers higher power output thanks to:

  • Lower internal module losses,
  • Higher resistance to effect of shading
  • Lower risk of hot spot
  • Better temperature coefficient.
  • Lower risk of micros cracks thanks to improved mechanical loading properties.

Comes supplied with Staubli MC4 connectors and 1000mm output cables.

Please note only front side of the backsheet on this module is black, rear side of the module is white.

Included in Kit
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KIT-HUA-3.68-UK Huawei 3.68kW Hybrid Kit
KIT-HUA-3-UK Huawei 3.0kW Hybrid Kit
KIT-HUA-5.0-UK Huawei 5.0kW Hybrid Kit
KIT-HUA-6.0-3PH-UK Huawei 6kW 3PH Hybrid Kit
KIT-HUA-6.0-UK Huawei 6.0kW Hybrid Kit
KIT-SOLIS-RHI-3.6 Solis 3.6kW Hybrid Kit UK

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Supplier Part No:JAM60S17-325/MR
Weight:18 kg
Rated Power:325 WMCS
Reference:BABT 8515-164
Length:1,689 mm
Width:996 mm
Depth:35 mm
VMPP:33.97 V
IMPP:9.57 A
Isc:10.23 A
Voc:40.87 VTemp.
Coefficient (Mpp):-0.35 %
Clamp position on panel: Long and short side
Connector Type:MC4
Efficiency:19.3 %
Pallet Size:  Oversized

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